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Ladies & Gents...




:bulletblack:Pencil: Completed (if drawn with) pencil and paper and scanned, waiting for lineart.
:bulletblue:Lineart: Completed lineart and now waiting to have flats (coloring) added.
:bulletpink:Flats: Flat/base colors have been added. There is no shading/highlighting yet.
:bulletblack:Coloring: Process of actually shading/highlighting has begun and in the process of being completed.
:bulletblue:Blending: Shading/highlighting has been complete and the picture is now being blended.
:bulletpink:Detailing: Erasing any colors outside the lines, coloring the lineart (if any)and adding extra shading or lighting (shine/gloss) or any other effects to the picture.
:bulletblack:Complete: Self Explanatory. Picture should be posted.


Aug 27, 2015
10:54 am
Aug 26, 2015
12:45 pm
Aug 25, 2015
8:22 pm
Aug 25, 2015
11:53 am
Aug 24, 2015
2:26 pm




Mistress of the Randomtastic
Mother | Artist | Gamer
United States of America

I like to think of art as my 'anti drug'.
It's something I enjoy doing as a hobby that helps me to relax.
and eliminate stressful factors in my life. That's about it. Enjoy my page.


Randomtastic News #4

Fri Jul 10, 2015, 6:32 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: I have no idea, but it's soothing.
  • Watching: Not my daughter! A weekend without the baby!!
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

This Has NOT Been My Week Electronic Wise. my computer decided to give me the finger this morning (after my external hard did a couple days ago) and no longer wishes to boot up.  Is there like a new worm/virus out that I missed recently? Cause it's like my drivers just vanished: first for my external hard drive, then my computer was hit.  I've only been on here, the Firefox bowser screen, and YouTube.  I had something called Consumer.Input, but I thought it was only adware and won't shut down my entire computer.  I did get a virus a year ago, but I had a tech genius walk me through rebooting and saving my PC (at the cost of my firwall being down).  Makes me think whatever that was before was lying in wait (timed virus) then finally unleashed.  I have no idea.

Then again, I hardly ever turned either off (just putting it in sleep mode most of the time) and my computer had an issue rebooting before (but did given some time).  Maybe once I get home, (out on vacation with the hubby) I'll try to salvage it by reinstalling Windows. :shrug:  I thought I'd be upset, but not really: I took the external hard drive (or rather the fact that the drivers just disappeared from my program files after running a virus scan and finding that Consumer crap) as foreshadowing and bought a new computer and external harddrive before I shut it down (and it gave up on me.). If anything, I'm more annoyed I only had the thing for like, two years before it crapped out.  Had my Dell for 12+ years (and I got it and my new laptop for a lower price then the one that just bit it) until the damn top literally began to split from the bottom by the hinges--and it still worked! :lmao: So yeah, no more HPs for me.

Won't be home until Sunday, so I won't being drawing until Monday (once I have my new computer and software up and running).  In the meantime: LOTS of pencil stuff I have to reload or load that I draw over the weekend!

In a very odd way (silver lining this so I won't be furious tbh): I'm kinda excited.  I get start fresh and even redraw/fix pictures I wasn't a fan of or was too lazy to do.  I'll be posting next week: there is a LOT I'll have to complete so instead of my usual group of pictures, I'm loading once I finish them to crank this stuff all out. ( :iconmiss-mal: you're just getting two pics because you had to wait so long! :lmao:)

That's about all!  Sorry for the slight ramble guys!  Thanks for everyone that tried to help me before with my computer! I really appreciated it!  Now if you'll excuse me: it's soak in a  whirlpool time.  (One weekend without Penelope?  I love my daughter but he'll yeah! :la:


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Which program do you prefer? 

5 deviants said None of the above: I use traditional means. (Colored pencils/markers/etc.)
2 deviants said Photoshop
2 deviants said Manga Studio/Clip Paint Studio
1 deviant said SAI
1 deviant said Gimp
No deviants said None of the above: I use (comment) instead!


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